Saturday, May 5, 2012

Forewords for the Peppy Songs of Rafi Sahaab.

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It is time to hark back to the songs of Mohammed Rafi Sahaab.  And mind you, we are currently doing only his solos  covering such genres as Romantic Songs, Sad Songs, Philosophical Songs, and More Romantic Songs.  I believe, rather than covering more songs from the above genres, it will be prudent at this stage to go to the fast-paced songs or rocking numbers of Rafi Sahaab. These are scintillating and exuberant numbers that have left a lasting impression on the generations of music lover.

Though there were peppy songs in the 'Fifties  too, I think it would be in the fitness of things to begin the genre with CHAAHE KOYEE MUJHE JUNGLEE KAHE.... which acquired the status of "Cult" song in the 'Sixties.  This song was also the favourite of Rafi Sahaab especially during his world trips performances.   As you are aware, when we are talking about songs, we mean the Transliteration of the songs into Roman English and the English Translation thereof.  Since we have already finished doing 900 Solos of Rafi Sahaab, this song will begin at No.901.  So please wish me luck that I may be able to dischage this labour of love efficiently to your liking.

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