I was dreaming, trying to make out what life is.  Before I knew, it was time to wake up to Reality.  Now, I wonder what will be the interpretation of my dreams.  In the meantime....

Let me tell you about just one dream.  It was about Mohammed Rafi and his songs and his angelic life.  Never I have heard such melodious voice all my life.  Hearing him sent me into raptures, so much so that I never realised how Time went past bye so swiftly.  With his sad demise in 1980 came a jolt from which I never recovered.  There are many out there who actually 'worship' Rafi Sahaab.  Fortunately, he left us an abiding  treasure of thousands of his melodies that we keep on discovering anew. 

It's payback time now.  Hence this Blog.  This is humble attempt to introduce his songs to a wider audience in the English-speaking world.    There are millions who love to hear Rafi Sahaab and who, smitten by his voice,  love to sing  his songs for pleasure and delight but are restrained by the lack of knowledge of Hindi/Urdu vocaubularies.  So this Blog has the lyrics in Roman transliteration as well as their near  meanings in English, i.e. the translation.  Of course, it's not possible to have all his songs here since there are thousands of them as his Solos or duets and quartets.   So for the present, the lyrics of  only a few of his Solo Romantic Songs and Sad Songs are included here.  Later I need to take up some of his his philosophical songs, devotional songs, and other categories or genres.   Additionally, I have discussed his Life and Times in my Posts about him. 

Since I've used the term "Eclectic" for my Blog, my Posts will have some other random subjects too. 

My earnest wish and prayers are that May the Visitors enjoy these  posts to the hilt.