Thursday, September 3, 2009

Translation of some more Romantic Songs of Rafi.

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Just to remind our esteemed visitors:

This blog has the Roman transliteration and English translation of some One Hundred Romantic Songs of Rafi Sahaab in the beginning, i.e. from 1 to 100.

Beginning from 101, sad songs of Rafi Sahaab were translated. The song numbers are from 101 to 387. There are of course many more sad songs that remain to be translated. Owing to the lack of availability of those songs on the Net either in Utube or just audio, I have temporarily halted this process. I would not like to rely on the lyrics that are available since they do not write the refrains or repetitions of the lines that are actually sung.

Now in the next post, I would like to revert to the same transliteration and translation of some more Romantic Songs of Rafi Sahaab, God Willing.


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